Benefits of Making Homemade Baby Food

When you think of homemade baby food, do you think hassle or healthy? The truth is that there are many ways to make homemade baby food an easy, stress-free part of your little one’s diet. Learning key recipes and having the right tools, such as an automatic baby food maker and reusable pouches, can make all the difference.

So set aside that jar of store-bought sweet potatoes, and see how you can easily make homemade baby food.

Benefits of Homemade Baby Food

The advantages of making a meal for your little one include the following:

Peace of Mind: The quality of ingredients matter when it comes to your baby’s diet. Making your own homemade baby food allows you to see exactly what goes into each and every meal. And if you’re concerned about ingredients being local or organic, you’ll be able to shop and cook accordingly.

Control: Keep unnecessary preservatives out and more nutrients in! Baby food from the jar often has added preservatives to give it a longer shelf life, and has been processed at high temperatures that may reduce the value of nutrients found in the food itself.

Variety: Maybe you have a unique recipe in mind for your little one – perhaps a baby-friendly version of one of your favorite meals! But when you scan the store shelf all you see is green beans galore and jars crammed full of carrots.

When you opt for homemade baby food, you’ll be able to give your baby a wide variety of recipes that will delight their tummy and tickle their taste buds.

Convenience: Is homemade baby food really more convenient? The answer is yes, if you have the right tools! A refillable pouch for baby food is a simple way to make sure you always have a tasty meal ready for your little one’s next mealtime or snack attack.

Cut Costs: When you buy pre-made baby food, you’re paying for a lot of things that go into putting that one jar on the shelf – the production, the shipping, the packaging, and more.

With homemade baby food, you can buy your own ingredients, produce it in your own home, and even reduce packaging by using a refillable pouch for baby food.

Storing and Serving Homemade Baby Food – Using Baby Food Pouches

You’ve decided that homemade is the way to go, but what can you do to make the storage and serving of homemade baby food more convenient? The answer is a reusable food pouch!

As a busy parent, you want to make the most of your meal prep – and get back to cuddling or play time with your baby! So grab a refillable pouch for baby food and get ready to fill it up!

Our baby food pouches are easy to stand on their side and have a large opening that works with our simple funnel to receive whatever tasty meal you’ve prepared. Each pouch holds up to 7 ounces of food.

Once you’ve filled up your reusable food pouch, simply slide the leak-proof zipper shut and store in the freezer or fridge for later use. Once your baby has eaten your homemade meal (or spread it around the highchair), put your baby food pouch in the dishwasher to get cleaned up for another meal!

Benefits of Using a Reusable Food Pouch

If you’re looking for the best storage options for homemade baby food, a reusable food pouch is a great option for a variety of reasons.

  1. They save space. Unlike bulky glass jars or plastic containers, a reusable food pouch is slim and fits easily in drawer. Keep your shelf space for other kitchen essentials!
  2. They won’t break if they fall. Let’s face it – babies and toddlers tend to drop (or throw) things. With a baby food pouch, you don’t have to worry about broken glass if mealtime turns into a pitching tryout from your little one’s booster seat.
  3. They’re dishwasher and freezer safe. If you’ve prepped a mountain of meals, you can easily put your reusable food pouch straight into the freezer. That same food pouch can go straight into the dishwasher when it’s time to clean up.
  4. They’re easy to fill. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending time making a delicious batch of homemade baby food, only to have half of it spill on the counter while you try to fill your containers. The Baby Brezza reusable food pouch stands on its own while you use the large side opening and funnel to pour in your culinary creation.

Get Started with Homemade Baby Food and a Reusable Food Pouch

The only thing left to do is to get cooking! With the right ingredients and the right tools, including baby food pouches, you can prepare tasty meals for your little one and enjoy all the benefits that homemade baby food has to offer!


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