Bottle Cleaning & How to Prepare a Baby Bottle

Every day you take steps to keep your baby safe, happy, and healthy. One of the most important steps you can take is to make sure you follow the right safety and cleaning procedures when you make your baby’s bottles. It’s an often overlooked but critical step to making sure your baby stays healthy. Sterilizing bottles regularly is essential, but that’s just the beginning. There are a few other important steps you should take when preparing your baby’s bottle that can help reduce the risk of transmitting harmful germs to your child. 

Wash your hands before handling a bottle, nipple or formula scoop 

You’ve heard it before but many parents don’t do this. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands thoroughly before preparing your bottles, including handling a bottle, nipple or formula scoop. You may not realize it but your hands can transmit germs to the bottle that your baby may touch or hold, the nipple that she may feed from or to the formula when you scoop it out of the container.

This is especially important if you need to start a new formula container and dig for the formula scoop that’s buried in the powder. So scrub before you scoop. 

Store formula properly too

Improper storage of powdered formula cans is not necessarily a hygiene issue, but it is a safety concern. The Cleveland Clinic says that special care should be taken with powdered formula since it is not sterile. Improper preparation or storage could leave your baby “exposed to bacteria.” The CDC recommends storing unopened formula containers in a “cool, dry, indoor place” and to avoid vehicles, garages, or outdoors.

A more hygienic alternative to making bottles by hand 

If all this has your head spinning, don’t worry. Baby Brezza has a product that offers parents a more sanitary alternative to making formula bottles by hand. It’s called the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser. It automatically mixes, heats, and dispenses formula or water on demand, so you can make a bottle instantly. Even better than its timesaving advantages is its hygienic and safety benefits: With the Formula Pro Advanced, you won’t have to dig for that formula scoop or touch the powder at all. You simply pour the infant formula powder from the can into the Formula Pro’s airtight container. The powder will stay fresh and safe and be correctly dispensed as needed whenever you use the machine. 

We know you’re already doing so much to ensure your baby’s optimal health and wellness. The Formula Pro Advanced can help add an extra layer of protection against illness. 

This information does not replace the advice of a doctor. This is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease or other medical issues. Please consult your doctor to determine what is appropriate for your baby.

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