Why Do I Need A Formula Maker or Baby Keurig?

As a new mom catering to a newborn, you’re likely going to make a baby bottle every 2-3 hours ot up to 10 bottles per day. This is a lot of formula pouring, mixing, shaking and warming for an already tired mom and crying baby. You may have heard about the Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced or the machine that many Moms call the Baby Keurig or Baby Nespresso. But you might be wondering -- “is it worth it?”

The resounding issue is “Yes!”. Here’s why:

The Baby Brezza Formula Pro Advanced Baby Formula Dispenser makes the bottle prep process a lot easier! With the press of a button, it automatically mixes, warms & dispenses a perfect formula bottle instantly. This saves you up to 5 minutes per bottle - You’ll save about 5 minutes per bottle -- that can add up to 30+ minutes of time-saving a day so you can spend more time doing what you do best - loving your baby

When you make a formula bottle manually, you need to shake it a lot to mix the formula clumps which causes lots of air bubbles that can cause gas and colic. Then, you need to warm it up which can take 3-5 minutes. No, thank you!

The Formula Pro Advanced automatically makes a perfectly mixed, warm formula bottle without the fuss. It perfectly dispenses the accurate amount of water and formula so your baby can digest every last nutrient. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the United States, too little water can cause your little one’s kidneys and digestive system to work too hard. Yet too much water may dilute the formula, so your baby won’t get the nutrients he or she needs from the formula bottle.

On top of all of that, our formula maker warms the bottle too so you can avoid using a boiling pot or, even worse, the microwave, which can cause hot spots and burn your baby’s mouth.

The Formula Pro Advanced lets you customize the bottle for your baby too! It offers 3 different temperature settings and allows you to dispense from 60-300 ml (or 2 to 10 ounces). And it has all digital controls so it’s easy to use..

Moms absolutely rave about it. Here’s one from Dani from Smyrna, Tennessee in the US: “Game Changer! Was on the fence about buying but LOVE LOVE this machine!”


Once you start using the Formula Pro Advanced, you'll see find out that you can't live without it! 


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